Visit Sheffield Buddhist Centre

Why Visit Sheffield Buddhist Centre? Sheffield Buddhist Centre is a beautiful converted church situated in Walkley, Sheffield. We offer fun, interactive and informative tours of the Buddhist Centre, tailor-made to suit all key-stages. Tours usually last for 2 hours.

Your pupils will experience first-hand the stilling atmosphere and the sights, sounds and smells of a Buddhist Centre, complete with two beautiful Shrine Rooms, a variety of Buddhist artwork and statues, and traditional Buddhist artefacts.

Click here to view the kinds of activities we could include in your tour.

What does it cost? Tours typically last 2 hours. Groups cost £4 per pupil. The minimum group charge is £75 per visit.

When should I book? Please try to make any bookings at least one month in advance, which will help us to accommodate your preferred dates.

Facilities: Disabled access is possible, and signing for the deaf and hard-of-hearing is available by arrangement.

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