The Generosity Economy

Generosity is of fundamental importance in Buddhism and the finances of the Centre are run on the basis of “dana”, which means generosity in the old Indian language, Pali. Our aim is to inspire a culture of generosity in the way we share Buddhist teachings.

We therefore only make a formal charge for our Yoga and Tai Chi classes. Other activities are offered on a dana basis – what you give is left to your generosity. All Buddhism classes are offered free of charge, but of course, donations are very gratefully received, as we rely on the generosity of those who use the Centre to keep going.

Join the Mandala of Generosity

workersWe invite everyone who uses the Buddhist Centre to be part of the mandala of generosity by giving money and/or practical help.

The bedrock of the dana economy is the standing order income which pays the bills and the living expenses of the Centre Team. If you value the Centre, please consider setting up one of these.

You can also make donations online or put cheques (made out to ‘Sheffield Buddhist Centre’) in the Dana Bowls at the Centre.

Generosity Right Now

Regular donations:

If you’d like to set up a standing order to us please go to our Standing Orders Page

One off donations:

If you want to give money right now please use our Donations Page

Practical Generosity

Our busy Centre also relies on people being generous with practical help. So if you have some spare time, or if you have a particular talent or ability that might be helpful, please get in touch and tell us.

You can look at the volunteers page to get an idea of what people give in the way of skills and time.