Tai Chi (Tàijíquán)


Tai Chi Workshop (with Wee Kee Jin)

Tai Chi or Tàijíquán (depending on the translation) is sometimes referred to as simply “Taiji” or ‘Taichi’; now a popular system of exercise for improving health, body alignment and co-ordination. Also, through regular practice the student can learn to relax and ‘let go’ unnecessary tension in the body and mind.

What is not so widely appreciated is that Tai Chi is also a martial art. The emphasis here is on using subtle whole-body synchronized and connected movement with highly tuned awareness and timing to overcome raw (disconnected) speed and brute strength.

Tai Chi is based on a set of practical principles known as the Classic Texts, or just simply “the Classics”. These form the written advice from highly capable teachers over several generations on how to practice and apply the art. Guided by this advice we train to develop good mental and postural habits – ultimately to understand ourselves and become better human beings. Tai Chi is a system of mental/physical self-development grounded in the practice of an effective martial art and is not inherently mystical or religious.

The only requirements for Tai Chi are practice, patience and perseverance. It is equally suitable for young and old; men and women. Loose clothing is advised and light weight indoor shoes (preferably without a raised heel) can be worn. Some students prefer to train in socks or bare feet, whichever you find most comfortable. Please let the instructor know of any current or prior medical condition you may have. If you are in any doubt in this regard please consult your doctor.

The classes at the Buddhist Centre are taught by Sthirananda (Pete Fletcher), a senior student of Wee Kee Jin (principle instructor at the Taijiquan School of Central Equilibrium).

The 5.30pm class is for advanced and intermediate students of Sthirananda. The class at 6.30pm is for complete beginners and those who have some prior knowledge of Tai Chi and wish to explore this system. Previous students of Sthirananda are welcome to book for both sessions.

The current block of classes is now underway. A new course will begin in the new year.

The fee for these courses is non-refundable and non-transferable except for reasons of ill-health

*** Please do not park in our car park unless you have mobility problems. You can park in a side street.