Hatha Yoga Thursday Mornings


Teacher: Kate Irving

Course Dates: 12-week course from 10th January through to 28th March (no class on 21st February)

Day and Time: Thursday 9.30am to 10.30am

Suitability: Suitable for those with some yoga expererience

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About the Class

Hatha Yoga Ayurvedic Vinyasa Class

This class guides you through a variety of short sequences that can be one rounded flowing practice, or in different combinations whether your goal is mobility, strength and ease, a more peaceful mind, good digestion, physical stamina or emotional resilience.

Some yoga experience useful. Not suitable for those with mobility issues, recent operations, difficulty getting up and down from the floor. New joiners and drop ins (£10 per class if not paying for the term) subject to ability and if happy to have a few weeks where you’ll be ‘catching up’ and learning the sequences. Please speak to Kate first (07816 791239)

The fee for these courses is non-refundable and non-transferable except for reasons of ill-health

*** Please do not park in our car park unless you have mobility problems. You can park in a side street.

About the Teacher

Kate Irving

Teaching yoga is inseparable from my work as a massage therapist.  How someone can become more comfortable in their body, with easier movement, gaining balanced strength, resilience and adaptability that are useful to them in daily life.

In the early 2000’s I was regularly attending classes to help my body cope with the physical challenges of my work. My teacher Pete Gill introduced me to Andy Thomas, an osteopath and yoga teacher who trained therapists in his Full Movement Method, a one to one treatment using yoga postures alongside hands on mobilisation and massage techniques.  Shortly after qualifying in Full Movement Method and Yoga Teacher training I found Mukunda Stiles techniques and methods through his student Helen Barker with whom I follow an on going programme of development.  Each of these approaches emphasises the importance of observing each individuals movement patterns – what’s moving well, which joints move less well, which parts of the body are helping with the desired movement and which need encouragement?


It’s great to see people progress with their yoga but what really pleases me is when someone tells me they’ve been able to get back to doing an activity they enjoy like long walks or gardening, without suffering afterwards.  Or practical mobility we might not notice we’re losing – being able to put your socks on without sitting down (it was a 35 year old told me this!), go upstairs without using the handrail, carry and play with children or grandchildren – the rejuvenating potential of yoga!  And it’s not just for those in a certain stage of life – this is the yoga that healed my body and keeps me strong and resilient enough to be a full time massage therapist for 17 years so far!


Most people’s aches, pains and discomforts are caused by an accumulation of movement habits and held tensions that are ‘below the radar’, mistakenly believing them an inevitable part of life.  In my classes I aim to provide a framework for these unhelpful patterns and habits to be revealed and let go.  Your body can then re find it’s natural strength, balanced mobility and ease.


“I’ve been coming for years but still learn something new in every lesson. Absolutely everyone would feel the benefit from these classes.”

“Through these exercises and vinyasas, I have been able to avoid severe back and hip pain, keep mobile and avoid giving up the things I love most in life.”

“The Thursday Vinyasa class is a wonderful way to start the day. Kate has a lovely way of explaining the rationale behind the positions and how your body should feel so you come away with a great understanding of the benefits of the practice and even the confidence to do some at home” – Miriam.


Yoga classes are held in the Buddhist Centre’s Great Hall. The hall has underfloor heating so it’s suitable for yoga classes all year round.

We provide yoga mats, blocks and belts (you’re welcome to bring you’re own if you wish).

Please wear comfortable clothes.