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Still Learning provides an ethical livelihood for those who run it. All our team are DBS checked and have a wide range of teaching experience.


Visit and Workshop Leader

PGCE with QTS status

Teaching for 12 years in a range of settings. Behavior management informed by Team Teach.

I first became interested in Buddhism as a teenager from a chance encounter with a book found in my school library. I was immediately struck by how Buddhism taught that I could change how I experience the world and that I could grow as a person. However, it wasn’t until many years later at the Sheffield Buddhist centre, that I began to commit myself fully to Buddhist practice as I saw that practicing Buddhist teachings was having a very positive impact on my life and on the lives of others.

I was delighted to join the Still Learning Team in November 2018. My previous work has been as a teacher and as an artist and I feel privileged to be able to bring those skills together with my passion for Buddhism in order to teach children and young people about Buddhism.


My involvement with Buddhism began some 25 years ago, when I went on an introductory course at Croydon Buddhist Centre. I was immediately struck by what I learnt about Buddhist ethics as being extremely practical, and yet deeply profound, ideals. Before the course was over, I was sure that I wanted to become a Buddhist, and that the Dharma (the teachings of the Buddha) offered the best way for me to live my life.

I was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1999, and have been involved in teaching Buddhism and meditation ever since. I joined the Still Learning team in spring 2013, and constantly gain great delight in talking to children, and young adults, about Buddhism. The questions they ask, and the responses to our workshops and tours, can be both challenging and rewarding! I don’t feel that there could be much better use of my time than teaching children about such things as ethics, how we can have a positive effect on the world, and what Buddhism is all about.


I first came into contact with Buddhism in my final year of university when I attended an introductory course at the Sheffield Buddhist Centre. I was instantly captivated by the revolutionary yet practical nature of the Dharma (teachings of the Buddha).

I began to meditate and apply Buddhism into my daily life and found that it actually worked! I had started to view the world differently and in a way that made me happier. I gained great confidence by this and became a committed Buddhist practitioner soon afterwards.

I enjoy sharing with others what I have learnt and how Buddhism has transformed me so I was delighted to join the Still Learning team in October 2013.


I first became involved in Buddhism in 2006. I had only been interested in learning to meditate as a way to improve my health, but I got far more than I had bargained for!

I was immediately very struck by the compassion and wisdom of the Buddhist approach, and soon realised that I wanted this to be the focus of my life. I have been heavily involved in our Sheffield Buddhist Sangha (community) since then, and was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in June 2016 and given the name Dharmamayi, which means ‘she who is filled with Dharma’ (meaning the truth, or the teachings of the Buddha).

In 2009 Bodhinaga and I launched Still Learning, and we have gone from strength to strength since then. I care passionately about social cohesion, and see a real need to educate young people about different beliefs and ways of living as a way to combat intolerance and prejudice, and as a crucial way of promoting unity, harmony and mutual understanding.


I was first taught to meditate as a teenage pupil at a Roman Catholic school in Sheffield and it opened a spiritual door in my life and helped me to get through some difficult times at school. After a few years in the spiritual wilderness I encountered the Sheffield Buddhist Centre in 2004 and my life was transformed. I had met a room full of like-minded people and discovered that there had been a tradition of people like me (Buddhists) dating back for 2,500 years!

I eventually decided to leave the business I had co-founded to focus all of my energies on my Buddhist practice.

When we visit schools it is very important to me that pupils get an accurate picture of Buddhism and that they can see that Buddhists are ordinary people, just like them! Also, the teachers and pupils seem to benefit greatly from being introduced to meditation (as I was back at my school) and these are everyday techniques that anyone can use – whatever your religion.