The Sheffield Buddhist Centre’s Great Hall is an ideal space for relaxing yet invigorating bodywork. Currently we have four styles available, please choose from below.

Hatha Yoga Courses

Our Hatha yoga courses use sequences from Mukunda Stiles Structural Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy to restore ease, comfortable range of movement and energetic balance. A great start to the day.

Taught by Kate Irving.
Please feel free to contact Kate on 07816 791239 with any queries about class suitability.

Monday mornings (beginners and improvers), 9.30-10.40am from 7th January through 25th March 2019 (no class 18th February)

Thursday mornings (improvers) 9.30-10.30am from 10th January through 28th March (no class 21st February)

Ashtanga Yoga Courses

Ashtanga is a dynamically linked yoga which keeps the body moving in coordination with the breath, offering a moving meditation. Benefits of this style of yoga are greater strength and flexibility, better concentration and a calmer and more compassionate outlook, and it can be particularly useful for athletes, runners and climbers.


Tai Chi (Tàijíquán)

Tai Chi, or Tàijíquán (depending on the translation) is sometimes referred to as simply “Taiji” or ‘Taichi’; now a popular system of exercise for improving health, body alignment and co-ordination. Also, through regular practice the student can learn to relax and ‘let go’ unnecessary tension in the body and mind.

The only requirements for Tai Chi are practice, patience and perseverance. It is equally suitable for young and old; men and women. Loose clothing is advised and light weight indoor shoes (preferably without a raised heel) can be worn. Some students prefer to train in socks or bare feet, whichever you find most comfortable. Please let the instructor know of any current or prior medical condition you may have. If you are in any doubt in this regard please consult your doctor.

The classes at the Buddhist Centre are taught by Sthirananda (Pete Fletcher), a senior student of Wee Kee Jin (principle instructor at the Taijiquan School of Central Equilibrium).

The 5.30pm class is for advanced and intermediate students of Sthirananda. The class at 6.30pm is for complete beginners and those who have some prior knowledge of Tai Chi and wish to explore this system. Previous students of Sthirananda are welcome to book for both sessions.

Thursday evenings, from 10th January through 28th March 2019 (no breaks)

Beginners 6.30-7.30pm; Intermediates (for previous students of Sthirananda) 5.30-6.30pm


Chi Kung

Qigong, also known as Chi Kung, is a sequence of exercises for health and relaxation that has been practiced by Chinese people for hundreds of years. Chi Kung has since become very popular with people in the West. There are many types of Chi Kung. The sequence that we will be learning on this course is the Tai Chi Chi Kung 18 Movements, or ‘Shibashi’, for short. We will be learning Tai Chi principles in order to fully benefit from the exercises. This should also provide a good foundation for those students who might wish to learn traditional Tai Chi movements later on.

The course will be taught by Pete Fletcher (a.k.a. Sthirananda), who is a senior instructor with the Taiji School of Central Equilibrium [] and also a student of Wee Kee Jin [] (and the Huang Sheng-Shyan system of Tai Chi). He has been both teacher and practitioner for over 30 years

Monday evenings, 7.15-8.30pm from 7th January through 25th March 2019